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Fueled by our pre-mix pastes launched in 2017, we are now launching the new Moo-Mite pre-mix paste.

Many of us know marmite as being a British favourite. For the unacquainted, it is a yeast based spread, which is a by-product from beer making. It is often portrayed as a topping for toast or as a sandwich filling which for some, is an absolute delicacy and must have.

At Feng He Garden, we bring to you the popular dish served in Chinese restaurants serving wok-fried dishes. An excellent dish to serve with steamed rice. As it has a rather strong and pungent on its own, can be very off putting to many people. However because of its dark, treacly and haunting taste, it makes the perfect pairing when used as a marinade for chicken or pork!

FHG Moo-mite Feng He Garden


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